Del Valle Independent School District
"whatever it takes"





Randy Ryan,
MIS Director

5301 Ross Road
Del Valle, Texas 78617
(512) 386-3050
Fax (512) 386-3055



Instructional Technology
• New Employee Orientation
• ParentConnection by GS.Net


Vision Statement

Our vision is a district where students, parents, faculty, staff, adult learners, and other community members have easy and equal access to the technology they need including, but not limited to video, voice and data networks and the equipment at the end of those networks. We see classrooms where students have access to global resources through network connections that also allow them to communicate with teachers and students worldwide as easily as within the classroom.

Mission Statement

Our technology mission, then, is to perform the best implementation of technology to meet the district mission. A continuing cycle of needs assessment, implementation, evaluation, and fine-tuning of this technology plan will accomplish the technology mission.