Del Valle Independent School District
"whatever it takes"
Campus Principal, Ken Storm
5500 Ross Road Del Valle, Texas 78617
(512) 386- 3400 FAX (512) 247- 3087
Office Hours 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m
Grade Level (6 - 8)

Del Valle Junior High

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Message from Ken Storm, Principal:

Del Valle Junior High is recognized for the positive manner in which parents and students are treated. Parents feel welcome and know that teachers will respond to their questions and their student’s needs. Our Community Liaison helps keep our parents notified of all our special activities and he has helped parents develop the feeling that parents are welcome at the junior high. Our students know that their teachers, principals, and all the other supporting staff care about their welfare and academic success. This feeling has permeated the school and our students are positive, happy and respectful of others because of the positive consistent manner in which they treated.



Del Valle Junior High